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The opposition state Labor party, which campaigned against the government's plans to sell a majority stake in the A$15 billion ($11.3billion) Western Power electricity grid along with privatization of the $1.5 billion Fremantle Port, won decisively doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 and will govern without needing a coalition partner. The result puts a dent in the country's privatization plans, with the Australian government encouraging the states to sell assets by offering them up to A$5 billion in cash grants if they then quickly re-invest proceeds in infrastructure projects. Outgoing Liberal Premier Colin Barnett conceded defeat on Saturday evening. He said voters wanted a change after his eight-and-a-half years in power. "At the end of the day, time was probably the factor," he told supporters at an event in the state capital of Perth. Barnett was the country's longest serving political leader, having seen four changes of Prime Minister during his tenure. The period has included huge swings in iron ore prices - the state earns money from charging miners royalties - that saw Western Australia shift from enjoying the strongest economy in the country to languishing with its weakest. Western Australia has forecast a A$3.39 billion budget deficit this year, with the planned sales of major state-owned assets one of the ways it had intended to pay down debt. The Mark McGowan-led Labor party is predicted to win 40 seats to the Liberal's 19, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation forecast, with 60 percent of the votes counted.

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